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  • *Who Will Paint This?

    Will you be painting this sign by yourself, part of a group class or will be make this sign for you?  Individual painting and group classes must be registered in advance.  Register here

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    *Sign Background Color

    You are able to select if you'd like your sign painted, stained or both.  View Color Chart • Stain Color Chart

  • Weeding

    Weeding is the process of removing unneeded vinyl from around text and images.  It is required to do before placing the vinyl on a sign.  This only applies to signs made by the customer.

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    *Sign Size

    Select which size sign you'd like.

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    • 65 $
    • 65 $
    • 65 $

    Element Options

    Elements of the sign are identified by the red lines in the product image.  Element numbers point to specific items on the sign that can be configured.

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